Monday, June 8, 2009

SCRUM should be GOAL driven

We have a great saying "Systems should be Customer driven, Customers should not be System driven" . Similarly I feel that any approach or strategy we embrace should be appropriate and effective to accomplish a clear set of "GOALS" (or objective) for a given endeavour in a given context.

Our "GOALS" in different project situations can be different and we need to ADAPT our approaches to accomplish the GOALS most efficiently and effectively in that context.
Imperative therefore that before we choose to adopt SCRUM, we should know why we are doing so, what we are trying to accomplish, and how this will help us accomplish our GOALS.

If my GOALS in one project context is to increase efficiency only (less cost, less time), I should be able to ADAPT my Scrum Practices to that context to enable me accomplish my GOALS in that context.

If my GOALS in another project situation is to deliver VALUE to my customers by harnessing the "Change" and "Uncertainty" to the customer's competitive advantage, I should be able to ADAPT my Scrum Practices to that context to enable me accomplish my those GOALS in that context.

Simply adopting a strategy or an approach like SCRUM, without understanding why we should do that, may be meaningless and counterproductive. I now am more confident, and more convinced that we should be able to ADAPT Scrum Practices to different situations differently.

Therefore it becomes relevant to explore how SCRUM can benefit those who have only "EFFICIENCY" (reducing cost and time without compromising quality and scope) as their GOALS in their "waterfall" projects and "waterfall" organizations. With a few modifications in SCRUM Principles, it can work for them to accomplish their GOALS without changing the 3 Roles, 3 Artifacts, 3 Ceremonies and the core practices prescribed in SCRUM.

I am at it again, the FScrum will be a critical need for such teams, working in such contexts.

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